Test card appreciation…

I found myself at a loss earlier today for some intelligent content for an impending office powerpoint presentation… so rather than spend hours trying to come up with something meaningful I decided that actually what I needed was a test card, those things back in the earlier days of TV that kind of meant “stay tuned, normal service will be resumed shortly”, which is exactly where I was at… brain off-line and unable to get it back on line. A quick Google search turned up the one I wanted, being 35 this is the most familiar one – it was always on BBC if you turned the TV on too early in the morning on a wet weekend, not very exciting but on reflection far better than the snooker that was often programmed right afterwards. It brings back 3 channels of warm and fuzzy childhood memories of Bagpuss, Wombles, Flumps and the Clangers (I had to slip them in!)… apologies to my overseas readership, you missed such culture…


So why am I talking about it here… well, nothing to do with the reaction of those on the receiving end of the presentation but rather that in the course of my ‘research’ I discovered that there is a society for the appreciation of these things and the bland music that used to go with them. Yep, it’s true – they’re the Test Card Circle. Looking at the content of the site, such gems as Ceefax music for example… I can hardly contain my joy, I can visualise a bunch of retired geography teachers in well worn tweed jackets, patches on the elbows, sucking on pipes that haven’t actually seen tobacco for years. That’s not to criticise however, I actually think it’s rather cool when you consider just how diverse the population is that folk can actually share such an odd passion as this. Still can’t help having a little snigger though, this beats stamp collecting by miles.

7 thoughts on “Test card appreciation…

  1. Far from being bland, the music used featured some of the finest peformers and musicians of the time. Just listen, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Sadly, though, the present offerings with the Ceefax pages are nothing like the music used with the testcard during the 60s, 70s and 80s, and leaves much to be desired.


  2. Ahhhh, no tweed jacket or pipe here dude! And while I’m here: Test Cards were never shown when normal service was about to resume – there were captions for that. Indeed they actually Were normal service.
    Now tell me all about you and I’ll see what I can think of to have a go at! :-)


  3. :o) hey Phil… thanks for that, I consider myself ‘corrected’. As for me, oh that’s easy, I’m a skinny twit who likes dressing up in tight lycra and spends too much time riding bikes.


  4. i have my own colections of the test cards on dvd
    i copied off vhs 1960s-1980s with music, and
    i love them. im 61 and it brings back memeries
    of the past.
    d reeves.


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