the ultimate fixed gear bar stool..

… finally got around to doing something useful with my broken Condor Stadio carbon track frame. The ultimate fixed gear bar stool… fully height adjustable with an aerodynamic seat pin for windy nights at the bar….

The saddle is also ‘recycled’ – a cracked, repaired and cracked again Specialized Toupe. No longer any use for riding duties but does fine for drinking duties. I’ve also fitted little neoprene rubber feet to protect the floor :-) Given my present non-earning status I may be persuaded to sell it <hint>, hehe.

Update: have since been advised that it should have a weight limit warning. Quite right, here it is.. “not suitable for fat barstewards”…

9 thoughts on “the ultimate fixed gear bar stool..

  1. You’re so in trouble with the UCI. Rule (errata 6.4, 2009) states “a bike shall remain recognisable as a bike and in no way shall be transformed in to a trendy bar stood, especially for those bikes made from carbon”. Or words to that effect.


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